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Chicks Look On the Bright Side? – My 5 Least Favorite Things About Relationships

I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before – my memory is good for shit.  I’d say it’s early senility, because I am getting old and that’s almost a legit excuse, but my friends and family know better,  My memory is actually severely affected by some medicine I have to take.  It’s not something I’m happy about, […]
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Trapped Inside

Yesterday, I got to go to something kind of cool.  Lifetime/Sony had a bloggers meet and greet with the stars of their new show Drop Dead Diva, Margaret Cho and Brooke Elliott. I was excited to go because I’ve always thought Margaret Cho was hysterical and amazing (and she is).  Beyond that, I was a […]
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Make Me a Match

Lostplum and I were lucky enough to chat with most of the guys from the Man Panel during the little cocktail hours they had after each night of Dating Bootcamp. We decided to reconvene the Man Panel in a less formal setting so that we could continue to pick their brains about some important dating […]

Games People Play

Last night was the fourth and last night of Dating Bootcamp for me and Lostplum.   We’ve had a lot of fun over the last four weeks, sometimes at our hosts’ expense. Serves them right – they invited ME to an event where they were trying to sell the idea of waiting 90 days before having […]

You Had Me at Hello?

Last night was the third, and as far as I’m concerned, the most useful night of Dating Bootcamp thus far.  Officially the theme for the night was “How to Get a Guy”, but a better name for it would have been, “It’s Time to Get Over Yourself and Face Facts – Women In NYC Need […]
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