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The Mean Mirror

So this is a blog post I’ve been meaning to write for a while. Or thinking I should, but not wanting to because I didn’t want to seem like a whiny, crazy lady. But the truth is, I kinda don’t care if (more) people think I’m nuts. It’s been over a month since I’ve been […]


It’s rare, but sometimes I get a touch of writer’s block. Not true writer’s block that keeps me from writing anything. More like, I’m not feeling this blog, or this topic… Which is where I was yesterday. I sat down last night to write posts for the week (which is what I usually do, try […]

It’s a Matter of Taste

Have I ever mentioned how much I love brunch? I love brunch. Going out to brunch and also having friends over for brunch. I love the way people can just arrive when they arrive, and come and go over the course of the afternoon. Casual and mellow. Anyway, I had some friends over for brunch […]

If You’re Going to Kiss Me – KISS ME

So I had this date last week, the day it snowed.  But first some background info: * The guy didn’t have a picture posted with his profile.  He did send one pretty much right away, but with an odd comment about people “looking for him” online. Which was either a bad joke or a sign […]

How far would you travel for potential love?

I’ll admit it, I’ve been sucking at the online dating thing lately. To be honest, I’ve just been overwhelmed with life, work and health stuff since the beginning of the month. I want to date. I just haven’t been making the time. Instead, I’ve been letting messages sit in my online dating inbox, unanswered. Which […]