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No One’s Looking

Have you ever been having a perfectly pleasant conversation, and then all of a sudden someone says something that makes you realize OMG you really are an asshole? I have this vague memory. I was hanging out with a boyfriend. I was already starting to realize that he might in fact be a bad person. […]

Mass Text = Despair

First, let me explain that title. I was tired of work and wanted to take a few minutes to finish up this post (I’d started it this weekend). But I needed help. And so I turned to my twitter friends. @SimoneGrant Help! My brain is tired… What’s it called when you send a text to […]

Nice is Just a 4-Letter Word

A thought: This Sunday’s Guy’s Story could have just easily been called, ” The Day I Learned I Couldn’t Be Nice to Boys.” And the story would have worked just as well if Christian had been a woman and the girl in the story had been a guy (or 2 guys, or 2 women…). People, […]

and the Bad Dates…

I had a post all set and ready to go for today. It just needed a bit of polishing… And then I read The Big Girl Blog’s post this morning and she totally inspired me to write this. Her post was called, How to Deal with Rejection. An important topic for any dater (or human […]

Let Your Freak Flag Fly

Recently, the lovely and talented Taylor Cast wrote a post for The Urban Dater called, You want me to do what!? Sexual Fetishes. In it she details the demise of a promising new-ish relationship when the guy she was seeing shared a very specific and ultra-kinky fetish that was beyond her comfort zone. Which got […]