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People Want You to Be Who They Think You Are

I have this weird habit. When I overhear someone say something interesting, I text it to myself. So that I’ll remember. The results of which is a bizarre, completely nonsensical text conversation with myself, full of random snippets of other people’s conversations. Some of it is funny. And some it is seems like it could […]

I Don’t Know

Today was a glorious day. The sun was shining, there was a cool breeze. And I managed to break away from my computer for a while in the late afternoon and go for a lovely little walk in my neighborhood. While I was out, I overheard the following exchange: Man on the sidewalk, talking to […]

The futility of reasoning with crazy

I stole today’s title. I was reading Salon and saw an article with this title and damn, I just had to steal it (that’s all I’m stealing, here, I promise). The idea/phrase, ‘the futility of reasoning with crazy’ just seemed the perfect way to sum up some of my feelings about love and relationships. And to […]

Just Have a Baby

I’ve got a couple of stories for you, today. Well, a couple of snippets that work together. There’s this woman I know, a friend of a friend I haven’t seen in ages, who’s pregnant. I’m so happy for her, especially since the last time we saw each other she was telling me that she was […]

Gone Fishing

I need to take some time off from the blog. Back soon! Tags: blog, crazy, Sick, tired
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