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Cougars, Types and Cupid’s Arrow (random quick thoughts)

First, I’m typing as fast as I can.  Trying to squeeze this in while my lunch is cooking.  So, forgive me if it lacks eloquence or even sense. I was thinking about a post I read on Mike the MasterDater’s site earlier today, Cougar, cutting her claws on the back of change. It’s a well […]

In My Inbox

The World’s First International Cougar Cruise.  About which I have no comment.  None. Tags: cougars
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Crashing the Cougar Convention

I found this on doubleX last night and had to watch it twice before I could figure out if what I was watching was real or satire (yeah, I can be pretty slow sometimes). There are so many things I can say about this.  SO MANY.  But I’m going to choose to hold my tongue […]
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Too Soon Dude, Too Soon

It looks like I’m not going to be going out with that 33 year old after all.  Sorry, I really was ready to give the whole cougar thing a whirl, but I can’t.  Not with this one.  He just completely blew it. We met online a week or so ago and have been exchanging very […]
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5 Reasons Why I’m Happy to Be In My Late 30s

Last night I attended a party given by Thrillist with Lostplum. I’m sure she’ll be writing all about it.  Anyway, it was a last minute thing and I hopped at the opportunity to go, knowing full well that I’d probably be one of the oldest women there. Like a typical girl I sent Lostplum a […]
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