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The Princess Syndrome and Getting Spoiled…WTF?

So here’s the thing, I really don’t get it.  I’m not saying I don’t get it to be provocative or funny.  I really, really don’t get it. In the comments to this week’s poll, a reader mentioned ‘The Princess Syndrome’ “where we’re made to feel like the best guy is the one that lavishes you […]

Your To Do List

Yeah, this is me being a lazy cow and not writing a real post. I’ll get to it later.  In the meantime, I just wanted to take a few minutes to catch you up on some stuff you can do if you like me and my blog. First and foremost, if you are currently following […]
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Just In Case

I feel like I have to remind you guys, every once in a while, that I’m a real person.  Just in case you forget. I spent most of this morning crying.  Over stuff that I’ve been keeping to myself.  Well, only sharing with my closest friends because I didn’t want someone who might read this […]
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Some Things Are Worth Repeating – Be Safe

I know that only a small percentage of my readers read the comment threads (hey, it’s your loss, sometimes the comments are the best part of the post).  Well, I take my comments very seriously, try to respond appropriately and even take people’s advice when I think it’s appropriate (some of the changes I’ve made […]
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The F Word

There was a point last week at which the tone of some of the comments in one of my comment threads started to get a little heated.  There’s no point in rehashing the details, especially since it wasn’t the first time.  I’m not sure why people feel the need(or the right) to be nasty to […]
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