Real stories about dating and relationships in New York City. Truth is more interesting than fiction.

Making Peace With Our Choices

First, I should probably warn you up-front that this will likely be one of my fuzzy brained posts. Not because I don’t know what I mean, but because I can’t grab onto the right words. The other night I was at a dinner party and listening to friends give another friend dating advice.  She, the […]

“Getting My Act Together”????

Recently, as part of a comment about ending things with M, a reader mentioned that it sounded like I was getting my act together.  It was meant, I suppose, as a compliment. I’ve been thinking about it ever since.  I guess I don’t see how telling M that he blew it was getting my act […]

Quick Thought – That Goddamn Green Grass

I just had a “meeting” with an old friend.  There’s a project I want to develop and she has just the right set of skills and talents to get it off the ground. So I’ve been hounding her for the last few fews/months about it.  Today we finally met and brainstormed and I think it’s […]
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