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A Short Funny Story.

Well, it was funny to me. As I’ve said, many times, I have a lousy memory. Pitiful. I can be looking straight at a person who I’ve met several times and not be able to remember his/her name.  It sucks. But, I can remember faces.  And have a pretty easy time remembering where I know […]

The Best Revenge

So last night I was watching Law & Order (one of them).  Well, I wasn’t so much watching it as had it on in the background while I was answering emails. I couldn’t quite follow the whole show, it seemed to be jumping around.  But one thing stood out.  There were several female characters (suspects) […]

Cheating Hearts & Other Parts

So the folks over at Marie Claire got me thinking.  They did this He Said/She Said column about cheating and, according to them, men are more upset by a partner’s sexual infidelity while women are more upset by emotional infidelity.  Or something like that? So a guy would be more pissed off if his girlfriend […]