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Tick Tick Tick – The Baby Bomb

This came up in the comments the other day, and then again yesterday.  And it’s one of those evergreen topics.  At any given time you can find an article about it in one of the girly mags (this morning I found one in More). Here’s yesterday comment to get us started, “I had to break […]

What Are You, A Monster?

I shared some kind of sensitive info about myself in my last post and was a bit surprised when no one commented on it.  But then, as I’ve recently mentioned to a friend, I have no freaking clue what people will or won’t comment on or even which posts will be popular when I write them.  […]


Writing in response to my Circling Back Around entry a few days back, cjwss suggested that I come up with some kind of hierarchy of categories, as right now I am assessing every guy I go out with as an applicant for future life partner status. So first, some clarification from me.  I absolutely am looking […]
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