Real stories about dating and relationships in New York City. Truth is more interesting than fiction.

Another New Beginning

I just couldn’t leave well enough alone (when can I ever?). Things are going well here.  At least, I think they are.  But as well as things are going here, I’ve been feeling a little restless.  Like I was missing out on stuff.  For starters, I miss the Best Date Spots posts I used to […]
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One for the Guys

Ok guys, don’t say I never did anything for you. If you follow the instructions I’m going to give you today, you will be guarenteed better dates in the future.  Probably.  Unless you don’t need this advice.  In which case, attaboy. Are you a man who is actively dating, or single and thinking that he’d […]
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Sangria Makes It Better

As I mentioned, I had a date with a very dull man last night.  Lucky for me, he picked a great place for us to meet.  Someplace that would never have occured to me, before.  But it was such a good choice that I’ve decided it belongs on my Best Date Spots list. At 70th […]
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Yes, I’d Like Fries With That

I outed myself last week, on my 7 things I love list.  I am a serious french-fry-a-holic.  I could easily live off of nothing but fries for the rest of my life. Now, just a quick aside.  I’ve lived in the UK and can very quickly shift gears and go on and on about my […]

Not a Happy Mother’s Day Post Part 2 – Long Island Wine Country

So this post is both the second part of Not a Happy Mother’s Day Post and my regular Monday, Best Date Spot post.  Let’s see if I can pull this off. We hadn’t talked much about the trip, in advance.  I’d never been out to the North Fork before, had no idea where we were […]
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