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Tick Tick Tick – The Baby Bomb

This came up in the comments the other day, and then again yesterday.  And it’s one of those evergreen topics.  At any given time you can find an article about it in one of the girly mags (this morning I found one in More). Here’s yesterday comment to get us started, “I had to break […]

5 Things A Guy Shouldn’t Put in His Online Profile (Taken from Real Personal Ads )

I’ve been saving these up, collecting them, over time.  Each was taken, verbatim from some guy’s profile (no, I’m not going to say which service).  I chose these specific statements because they represent classic errors that I see all the time.  And yeah, I know women make lots of errors in their profiles too, but […]

How’d I Get Here?

As I’ve mentioned many times before, this whole blog thing really is new to me.  I started the blog back in August (of 07 08, so that would make it 8 months ago). Prior to that I hadn’t really read many blogs.  At least not regularly.  And the ones I did read were the big […]
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How Much Is Too Much?

One of the hardest things for me, about dating, is figuring out what to tell men about myself and when.  Something that might sound like TMI on the 2nd date could be viewed as essential information a couple of months down the line (as in, how could you NOT tell me that?). I’ll admit to […]
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I Didn’t Want This Buried or Lost

Yeah, another post.  I write when I’m stressed. I was just answering your comments (Thank you to those who commented – you know how happy it makes me!!.  Comments have been low and so I’m guessing you’re just not liking the recent posts?).  Anyway, I was answering a comment and I wrote something that I […]