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Good Sex Bad Sex

From: Inquiring Mind Subject: Good Sex Bad Sex Message Body: I’ve looked at your blog and seen a lot on good sex and bad sex. Could you break it down for me as to what is good sex and what men you’ve had great sex with do differently than the ones who were not so […]

How To Find A Great F*Buddy (it ain’t easy), Part 1

So, one of yesterday’s funnier comments started with this, “The cherry on this delusional, self-important sundae is how you think meeting a guy online interested in no strings sex is an accomplishment.” Actually, I do.  As I might have mentioned, I’ve had the same fuckbuddy for years.  We have pretty awesome sex, every time.  Get […]

Points for Love

Last week I mentioned the beer and wings get together we had with guys from the man panel.  Well, at some point during the night I found myself talking about good sex (go figure).  I’m not sure how it got started, but the premise was basically that a person could have amazing sex with someone […]

While We’re On the Topic of Bad Sex

Yesterday, just moments after I posted, I turned my attention to Twitter (what a surprise) and found myself in the middle of a debate.*  Well, maybe debate is too lofty a term.  Someone, I’m not sure who (sorry, I’m just too busy to dig through tweets today, maybe someone can give us the info in […]
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Dozens of Dealbreakers (for Fun)

In my last post I said, in reference to someone who drinks a lot, “It’s one of those dozens of little things that make up my preferences and desires and dealbreakers.”   An anonymous commenter questioned the fact that I could have dozens of dealbreakers. Well, it’s a rainy night and I’m in a weird mood so […]
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