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Are all guys assholes? Or just not sane?

Well lookie here, an actual guest post. Yes, I am getting this blog back in shape. Or at least, I’m trying. This week’s guest post is from the lovely and talented Rachel Khona. Check out her site for more of her fabulousness.  Um, before some of you decide to jump down my throat, I’d like […]

No One’s Looking

Have you ever been having a perfectly pleasant conversation, and then all of a sudden someone says something that makes you realize OMG you really are an asshole? I have this vague memory. I was hanging out with a boyfriend. I was already starting to realize that he might in fact be a bad person. […]

Asshole Shields

You all know I’m old, right? Well, way back in the dark ages of the late 80s and early 90s it wasn’t all that cool for women to wear glasses. I mean, if you walked into a bar or club, you would see maybe 1 or 2 women in the whole place wearing them. As […]

I Should Be Ashamed of Myself

I’ve been an online dating asshole lately. A total asshole. Several times in the past few months, I’ve poked my head into the online dating world, started conversations with men, and then dropped back out. It was never my intention to end those conversations. Days would pass and I’d be thinking, I should really reply […]

“If he were a social worker he could still be an asshole…”

I was catching up with an old friend the other day.  She and I go way back to a job we had in the mid 90s, and have stayed in touch (and also worked together, again) since then. I was telling her about my upcoming 3rd date with Mr. Midwest (tonight) and that he was […]