Real stories about dating and relationships in New York City. Truth is more interesting than fiction.

Sex, Lies & Dating… in a slightly sunnier city

Hello, there. Yes, you. The one reading this and wondering who the hell is posting this…. My name is Dennis, and I live in San Diego. You’ve probably heard by now that Simone is taking a temporary hiatus from this blog. Well, I’m subbing in for the time being. And in case you’re wondering how […]
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Be Back When I’m Back

I’ve been pretty damn scarce lately. Here, on twitter, fb, email (yes, I might just owe you an email). And I’m really tired of telling you all that I’ve got “health stuff” going on. So I figured I’d tell you an almost funny and completely true story from the past few weeks. One that seems […]

WTF Bad Date?

I walk in and he’s there early.  Good start. For a while things are OK-ish. Truth is, I wasn’t really feeling much of anything. We met ages ago and couldn’t remember much about the guy. Just a few random biographical details. Anyway, things are going OK when all of a sudden things start getting weird. […]

He’s Attractive BUT I’m Not Attracted to Him

A couple short thoughts. #1 – I haven’t been getting out much, these last few months. It seems like forever. Health stuff, blah blah blah. Anyway, there was an event that I’d planned on going to. And I had to skip it. A friend was going and I mentioned that there’d be a guy there, […]

Smoking Hawt! Vote for Your Faves at the Badoo Project.

Holy hotness!. Remember when I told  you about the Badoo Project?  Sure you do, it was just last week. A thousand New Yorkers had the opportunity to get their profile pics taken by fashion photographers (because, you know, those pics of you in the in the bathroom mirror just won’t do). Well, like I said, […]