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I’m overdue, I know.  I promised a follow up to those great comments of yours days ago.  No excuses.  I’ve been busy.  Who isn’t? Anyway, before I get into that I just wanted to give you all a brief update on things with The Writer and the man I went out with on Thursday night. […]
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Back in the Saddle (loosely speaking)

Just walked in from a perfectly pleasant date (no snark in that comment, btw). I am reasonably certain that there’ll be a second one. He’s exactly the guy I was looking for 15 years ago. Physically and in a lot of other ways too. In fact, he reminds me a lot of some of the […]
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Circling Back Around

I’m finally back in town, completely (physically and mentally, 7 days a week). It seems like it’s been forever. I’ve started to reschedule some of those dates I had to scratch, though not all of them. The time away has made me rethink some of the guys. They don’t all seem as appealing as they […]
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A friend recently asked me to weigh in on an issue related to her husband. My reply was, “he’s exactly the man you married”. Now, I wasn’t trying to be evasive. My point was this – he hadn’t changed a bit. The things that are driving her crazy now were clearly elements of his personality […]

Brief Update on The Writer

Thanks for your advice, btw. I took it and sent him an email last night, saying how nice it was to speak with him earlier in the week (I didn’t say it was a good conversation). He wrote back immediately and said he enjoyed speaking with me, too, and some other nice things. I expect […]
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