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A Post About Break-Ups (Not Really)

Zandria, over at Blogher, wrote a great post yesterday called, “Am I Writing A Post About Break-Ups? Really?”. I read the post quickly yesterday and enjoyed it. I loved her fresh, “you loved and lost and now it’s time to move on – no drama” tone. It’s the attitude I strive to have (and know […]
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Quick Post B4 Bed on a 2 Date Day

Today was a 2 date day. This afternoon I met Downtown Guy for a walk in the park. Yeah, he reemerged. I heard from him a few days ago and figured, what the hell. It was a gorgeous day, a perfect day for a walk in the park. I still can’t really figure him out. […]
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Waste of Time

I got in a while ago from tonight’s date. It was a complete waste of time and energy. Worse than that, really, it was a bad date. The kind of date that makes me want to stop trying, to stay home alone and read every night. He was one of those inappropriately arrogant blowhards. I […]
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Practicing What I Preach

I had plenty of time yesterday to write about my date with bachelor #1. I just didn’t know what I should say. It was a pleasant enough date. He’s a nice guy. He’s from Ohio. (I was watching the Daily Show recently and Jon Stewart said something about everyone from Ohio being nice and I […]
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Dispatch from Datingland

Bachelor #2 had to reschedule on me. He sent a very sweet, very apologetic email telling me about his busy week and his obligations over the coming weekend. He told me he understood if I was getting frustrated with him and that he does, indeed, want to meet me very much. I’m cool with it. […]
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