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Can’t Sleep

I was planning on unveiling the new pic for my banner tomorrow.  I’ll write about the pic and what possessed me to post it/how it came to be tomorrow.  In the meantime, I haven’t been able to get this song out of my head. Somebody’s Miracle Tags: song
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Another Day, Another Date Redux

Last night was my second date with the Tall man and I was just so not into it. I wanted to be. Really, I tried.  OK, truth is I didn’t try that hard.  He’s just kind of dull.  There are so many interesting things about him on paper (so many contradictions: grad degree in literature, career […]
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Another Day, Another Date

This’ll be a quickie as I’m dead tired.  I kind of wish I were an actual machine so that I could just replace my battery.  I need to be recharged. Anyway, last night’s date with bachelor #2 was good. I’m sorry, I’m too tired to deal with links now.  He’s the guy I’ve been flirting […]
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Date Machine

I feel a little like a date machine. Tonight’s date was actually pretty good. Another academic but this one was a science guy and he didn’t take himself too seriously. If it wasn’t for the rain and the too loud wine bar it might have even qualified as a very good date. He asked about […]

Wow – What a Line

One of the things my online personals site asks is for members to list 5 things they can’t live without. As you can imagine, people come up with all kinds of answers. I’ve read at least a dozen guys who listed water, air, food, shelter and then a few dozen others who list their friends, […]
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