Real stories about dating and relationships in New York City. Truth is more interesting than fiction.

#1 – Don’t Stare at My Boobs

My regular readers know how I feel about dating experts. I don’t consider myself an expert and I think that most people who do (consider themselves experts) are full of shit. That’s not an insult to anyone specific. It’s just how I feel. I know there are a lot of “experts” who dish out advice […]

And What a Good Morning It is

Good Morning Everyone. Yes, Mr. Potential spent the night. I’ve been sitting here, drinking my coffee, trying to figure out exactly how much I want to tell you all about last night.  We’re in new territory here (for this blog). I’ve never been the kind of girl to give my friends the gory details, and […]

Quick Update

Tonight is do or die time for Mr. Potential. He’s on his way to my place as I type. I invite him over for a quiet movie night. So, well, you know. I better damn well get laid. Details tomorrow. The Song of the Day is the Heart of Saturday Night. Tom Waits is always […]
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Dear Santa

I am so not into the holidays. Not Thanksgiving or Xmas/Hanukkah (same difference). And I’m perfectly happy to forgo all of the traditions that go with them, including the gifts exchange. It’s just all so forced. So needless to say I didn’t rush out to shop the Black Friday sales. I’d rather walk on broken […]
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Gobble Gobble – HNT

I figured what better way to say thank you again (for my readers who happen to be interested in the female body, that is) than to participate in one of the newer Thanksgiving traditions – HNT. Hey, it’s Thursday. Check back tomorrow for a real post. Tags: half naked pics, thank you, thanksgiving
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