Real stories about dating and relationships in New York City. Truth is more interesting than fiction.

What’s Wrong With Me?

Now don’t everybody shout out their answers at once. I have a date in a few hours. Not with Mr. Potential. A first date with someone I met online a week or so ago. I am ambivalent about it. I’d like it to go well, of course. Sure I would. I think. Yesterday Mr. Potential […]
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I try to politely let guys down when I’m not interested in them. I think it’s kind of rude to just stop answering emails or to not return phone calls. There are times when this policy falls by the wayside. If someone’s been rude or nasty to me, or just unpleasant, well, I might be […]
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A Little Self Promotion (Just a Little)

Wow, thank you all for the amazing comments on yesterday’s posts. My inbox has been filling up all morning/afternoon. I’ll get around to answering your comments sometime later today (just as soon as I can – promise). I just wanted to take a minute for some shameless self promotion. Please take a minute, if you […]
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December 1st is World AIDS Day

I could sit here and write my own post about how important it is to recognize this day. I write openly about the fact that I am sexually active, and so therefore this is an issue that affects me. However, I just read a great post over on 20/ on this topic, and so I […]
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Is This The Good Part? I Can’t Remember

I had to head out of town yesterday, just a couple of hours after Mr. Potential left my apartment. We texted during the day yesterday (after he woke up from a several hour, much deserved, nap) and then again today. Today he asked , via text, if he would see me later this week and […]
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