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The Power of Language

I’ve been unusually mum about the whole Marry Him drama.  There’s one main reason for this.  I haven’t read the damn book, yet. I’ve been insanely busy lately and truthfully, if I were going to make time to read (which sadly I haven’t had time to do in weeks) I would read something for pleasure. […]

Am I Intimidating or Are You Intimidated?

Recently Kelli Lawless did a great post on her blog around the idea that certain women were considered intimidating men (and why that might be). I commented with my 2 cents and have been interested to see how the comment stream evolved. One of the reasons I found this post particularly compelling was its timing. […]

My Trip to the Lady Doctor

So last week I went in for my annual tune up aka my annual pap smear.  This year was different because I was seeing a new ob/gyn for the first time in ages. Now, first I should say that I didn’t actually go out of my way to make this appointment.  When I called the […]

Tick Tick Tick – The Baby Bomb

This came up in the comments the other day, and then again yesterday.  And it’s one of those evergreen topics.  At any given time you can find an article about it in one of the girly mags (this morning I found one in More). Here’s yesterday comment to get us started, “I had to break […]

Get Your Crawl On!

I’m going to be participating in a blog crawl for National Singles’ Week.  The official press release is below: Join millions of people as they crawl the web’s most popular blogs for singles, during the first’s Blog Crawl for National Singles Week.   In the virtual world, a blog crawl works like a pub crawl, […]