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Standing with Planned Parenthood

I was young and not very experienced. And I knew that something was wrong, down there. I’d never had a pap smear. Never been to a ob/gyn and was absolutely petrified. And to make matters worse, I hadn’t been practicing safe sex. I’d been with the same guy for a while, and we/I was using […]

You Can’t Have it All

Piling onto this conversation a week late, but… sometimes I just can’t help myself. About that New York Magazine feature story: How the Pill Changed the World, that had so many smart folk talking last week: Besides the fact that it was somewhat inaccurate, derivative and kinda insulting, it also seemed to miss the point. […]

The Stuff We Don’t Talk About

Alright, fair warning, this is one of those posts. Not too long ago, I was having dinner with a friend.  We talked about everything under the sun: boys, food, work, boys. Suddenly, she says she wants to ask me/tell me something but that she’s embarrassed. And that it’s not the kind of thing she’s comfortable […]

Can We Call It a Trend?

OK, let me start out by saying that until a couple of years ago I pretty much never read girly mags. Not that there’s anything wrong with them. I think they’re lots of fun. I just didn’t. I worked a gazillion hours a week (at my old career) and in my leisure time I read […]

“…I’m fully capable of changing a light bulb all by myself.”

I took some time off this weekend to just relax and chill out.  One of the things I did with my “chill-out” time was catch up on some light reading (it’d been weeks since I actually had time to read through all of my favorite sections of the Sunday NYTimes). Sometime around midday I came […]