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How About We Have Some FUN!!!

You want to know the #1 difference between and ALL those other online dating sites? It’s not the way it’s based on date ideas (which I love) or that it takes about 1/5th the amount of time to set up your profile (also awesome). Or even the fact that there seem to be fewer losers on […]

A Little Foreplay Goes a Long Way

As hard as I try, I usually have a bachelor’s fridge. Virtually empty but for leftovers, condiments and wine. I just can’t get the hang of the whole shopping and cooking for one thing. And maybe I never will. But like I said, I always have wine. I’m not a huge drinker nowadays, but I like […]

Fresh Diet: (Still) Feeling Fresh For Fall

Old habits die hard. A leopard can’t change his spots. You can’t teach an old dog new tricks… What a load of crap. I am, and always have been, a carb addict. I was raised in a family of big people. We lived off junk food and processed everything. I’d love to blame my crappy […]

Fresh (and Happy) Diet

Welcome back everyone.  I know, this is the longest I’ve ever gone without blogging… But enough about that. That’s so boring. I’m writing this on Monday, August 15th. 4 days into a (free) trial of The Fresh Diet. It’s a Monday morning and for the first time in forever I had a healthy and delicious […]

The 1%

I work hard. That’s not me bragging. That’s a fact. It’s who I am. I’ve always believed that if I wanted something, it was my responsibility to work my ass off and try for it. And if I failed… well, that was OK. Failure is a part of life. But there’s no excuse for not […]