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I Am Not the Real Carrie Bradshaw

Sometimes my readers choose to send me private messages, rather than make public comments.  And I love getting them as much as I love it when people comment. A while ago I got a lovely message from a reader telling me how much she liked the blog, and in her message she said that I […]

Learning From Loss

We’re not even a full month into 2009 and I’ve already lost another friend (lost, here being a euphemism for, “he died”).  Last year I lost a parent and a friend.  And over the years, well, let’s just say I’ve lost a lot of people, most of whom were taken from this earth while they […]
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Mice and Men (and players, too)

I was really suprised by the comments from my last post.  From what I gather, the general consensus (here, not what I was getting from DM on Twitter and from friends) is that men are fragile creatures who cannot be rushed.  They are easily intimidated and when you try to speak with them once a […]
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Easy, Simple and Good

Yesterday, after I got home from spending the night with Mr. Potential (followed by a long, cozy morning in bed and then a wonderful brunch) I spent some time on the phone, catching up with a good friend. At the end of the call, after my friend and I had gone over all of the […]
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Fun Ride

I just came in from a walk.  While I was out I was listening to Broken English on my iphone. I have a deep and abiding affection for Marianne Faithful.  The Ballad of Lucy Jordan has been one of my favorite songs for years and today I found myself singing along and replaying it over […]