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Be Yourself

You all know how much I love dating and relationship experts.  I love them.  I especially love the way they give completely contradictory advice, with a straight face, and then expect people to take them seriously.  And sadly, people do.  Take them seriously.  Because so many of us are so freaking desperate to find love […]
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Rules Are Made to Be Broken

I’ve never actually taken direct quotes from a real guy’s email and used it here without his permission (the Ex Files was done with M’s permission, which in hindsight was seriously fucked up).  But I just can’t resist.  This is too much, too ridiculous, IMO. If I meet a guy online and he asks me […]

My New List

So yesterday I wrote about how I thought it was important, for me, to know what I’m looking for in a guy and in a relationship and to stay focused on those things.   That otherwise it might be like grocery shopping without a list.  I’d get home and find I’ve bought lots of treats and […]
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How to Fill a Shopping Cart

Earlier today I was working on this article, and the premise of it was that it was important to know what you wanted in a guy. Yeah, I realise that not everyone feels that way.  That a lot of people think that it’s good to be open to whoever happens to cross your path.  And […]
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And Then There Were None

A friend of mine got married last weekend.  I’m very happy for her.  Very happy.  I’m saying this without a trace of cynicism or jealousy.  She’s completely in love with the guy and he’s completely in love with her and I think they’ll be very happy together. There is little part of me, though, that […]
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