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"Before I Had a Life"

My insomnia has been out of control lately.  I’m sure it’s a sign that I should be doing something (everything) differently, but in the meantime I cope with late night reading, TV and hulu. Which brings me to last night and the fact that I was watching Sex and the City.  It’s never been one […]
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Superwoman Doesn’t Live Here

I think that anyone who’s ever read more than a dozen of my blog posts probably has a pretty good sense that I’m not an unhappy single.  I like my life.  At least most of the time. I like dating and like my alone time and have written often about the fact that I have […]
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I write a lot about dating. The ups and the downs.  My constant bewilderment.  Some may call it cluelessness. And I write a lot about what it means, to me, to be a single woman in her late thirties. What I don’t mention often is the loneliness that comes with both those things.  I guess […]

"Single" Can Mean a Lot of Things

So yeah, I’m single and I date a lot.  Big whoop. Girls like me are a dime a dozen.  Guys, too. What I find more fascinating are people who don’t date. And I don’t mean fascinating in a judgmental way.  I mean honest to goodness – fascinating. The non-daters I’m thinking of seem to fall […]

Weird Facts

Every once and a while I end up being my dad’s date for dinner.  It’ll be me and him and several couples his age.  People he would have gone to dinner with with my mom if she were still alive (She passed away less than a year ago, and so we’re still transitioning.  Figuring out […]
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