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Give Peace a Chance

I’ve been totally loving a series that Sirens Magazine is doing called Peace Talks: Single-Married Relations. LOVING it. I love the no-nonsense, no-drama approach they took. Of course, this is an issue that I find particularly compelling because it’s kind of a taboo, in it’s own special way.  My closest friends are mostly married, or […]
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What About Us?

Sometimes I read stuff that I really want to comment on, but it takes me a few days to figure out exactly what I want to say. And then there are other times when I read something so smart, so important that I realize I have nothing really substantive to add.  This is one of […]
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Living for Ourselves

Perhaps I should I have a rule, only blog when I’m clearheaded.  I fear that this post won’t make sense to anyone but me.  But I’ve given it a lot of thought and so here goes (note to my non-Twitter following readers, I have the flu or something that feels an awful lot like the […]
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The 4 Things I Miss Most About Having a Regular Guy In My Life

I was lying in bed last night, alone.  Thinking about how much I hate lying in bed alone.  And thinking about how much I miss having a guy in my life.  Which is different than being lonely, btw. I can be lonely AND have a guy in my life.  And I can miss having a […]

I Didn’t Use an Outline

One of the few really useful things I learned in grad school came about one day as a professor was telling us the requirements for an upcoming assignment.  A student asked if we’d be required to turn in our outlines, in advance.  It was standard practice for some professors to approve outlines so that students […]
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