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Some people are kinkier than others.  And different people are kinky in different ways.  Those are the facts and they’re not going to change.  Although, if you ask me, some of those less kinky people might actually enjoy being kinkier. Maybe they’d have more fun. This was on my mind yesterday as I watched my […]
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Points for Love

Last week I mentioned the beer and wings get together we had with guys from the man panel.  Well, at some point during the night I found myself talking about good sex (go figure).  I’m not sure how it got started, but the premise was basically that a person could have amazing sex with someone […]

It’s Always Trial and Error

As I mentioned in my earlier post, the fuckbuddy is back in town and so I’m in a significantly better mood. Just about every time I mention the fuckbuddy, I’m peppered with questions about the whole fb deal.  You know, “how does a girl get herself a fuckbuddy” and “how do you keep yourself from […]
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While We’re On the Topic of Bad Sex

Yesterday, just moments after I posted, I turned my attention to Twitter (what a surprise) and found myself in the middle of a debate.*  Well, maybe debate is too lofty a term.  Someone, I’m not sure who (sorry, I’m just too busy to dig through tweets today, maybe someone can give us the info in […]
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Sex Math or Why I Haven’t Gotten Laid in Weeks

I hate to break this to you guys, but only about half of you are any good in bed.  Alright.  Screw the euphemisms.  Only about half of you are decent lays. This isn’t just my opinion, btw. I’ve checked this with several other sexually experienced women I know and that seems to be the general […]