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And Then I Did It

Last week was so intense, full of so much drama. I couldn’t imagine, while I was in the thick of it, how it was going to turn out. And then on Saturday morning I had a chat with another one of my good guy friends.  Someone older and wiser.  The person who said, after things […]
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Forgiving and Forgetting

A good friend said the other day, “I don’t think I could ever really get over what M put you through.  Forgive or forget.  You were so uhappy.  I couldn’t get past that.” All through this latest dilemna, people have been asking me, telling me, wondering about my capacity for forgiveness.   Many assume I haven’t […]
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A couple of things: I haven’t bothered to delete the nasty comments from the last two posts, even though they clearly cross the line.  I also have no intention to correct the many factual errors made.  Here’s what I will do, point out for the nth time that I can’t imagine how sad, pathetic and […]
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Aw Hell, I’m Just Going to Tell You the Story. Screw the Consequences.

So last night started out with a quick, cheap, yummy local working dinner with Lostplum (I am blessed to live within 5 blocks of a dozen amazing, low-price restaurants and so don’t feel too guilty about going every once and while – even though I probably should). We are now officially “working together”. More news […]

Love Isn’t Brains

Last night I was taking some time out for a night of hardcore Buffy/hulu therapy and an episode I hadn’t seen in a long, long time (I’ve seen them all, many times) came up.  Spike returns to Sunnydale, drunk (listening to the Gary Oldman version of My Way, points off that it wasn’t really Sid […]