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For F*cks Sake

Let’s start with a fact – I don’t like loose ends.  Now, you read this and think, “OK, no big deal.”  But I mean, I really don’t like loose ends.  I’m pathological about it.  This is not me bragging.  This is me admitting a pretty big flaw in my personality. I like to wrap things […]

It Was Worth It

Short, late post this morning because I fell asleep late last night at my computer (seriously, I feel asleep with my laptop open, on my lap, hunched over).  I’m not a cheerful little worker bee today and I have an insane amount of work to do. So yesterday, after meeting about a bunch of work-ish […]

No Limits

So the other day I mentioned a man I’d exchanged a few messages with online. He lives in Europe and says he comes to New York all of the time for work. He wanted to meet me. I told him thanks but no thanks. He seemed interesting (smart, funny, handsome, all the good stuff) but […]

The Crazy Bitch in the Mirror

I’ll admit it. I’ve been that crazy girlfriend. You know, the one who calls and leaves a few too many voicemails (and texts and emails). Who asks, in a peak of frenzy, “why haven’t you called me back” in her 10th message of the day. The batshit crazy girlfriend, like the one we all laughed […]
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Round and Round She Goes, Where She Stops Nobody Knows

Yesterday I posted something on my Tumblr blog about how I’m going to focus more on projects I care about (well, that’s part of what it’s about). One of the things I’m doing is trying to find a way to write more. Really write. Not on the blog. But things that are relevant to the […]
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