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I got some disturbing news a couple of weeks ago.  Yet another one of the men from my not too distant past, a guy who “really, really liked me” but wasn’t looking for a commitment, is now in a committed relationship.  I now know of 3 who fall into this category from the last 4 […]
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I Like Feelings

I didn’t deal well with my last breakup.  I’m not talking about that little thing I had with Mr. Potential back in the early winter.  There wasn’t much of relationship there and so not much of a breakup. I haven’t had a real relationship in over a year.  Long before I started this blog. And […]
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The 8 Biggest Lies I’ve Been Told By Men

The name of this blog is Sex, Lies and Dating in the City, but it’s been a while since I’ve written specifically about lies. I thought it might be fun (fun?) to make a little list of the biggest lies I’ve been told by men.  You can click on the links to read the detailed […]
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Dating and Other Nonsense

It could be hard, reading my few last posts, to get a sense of what’s going on in my dating life right now.  So I thought I’d write a quickie and give you an update. Not much. I met a seemingly nice, normal, intellingent, handsome guy on (you can read my post Online Dating […]
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Two Little Words

There have been a couple of stories in the news recently about public figures who’ve apologized for things they’ve said and done in the past.  I’m not going to get into who or what (I don’t DO celebrity gossip or current events, presidential elections excluded.).  I find these types of stories fascinating.  I think they speak […]
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