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The Last to Know

As I’m sure I’ve mentioned, I do actually have friends who are in happy, healthy, relaitonships – married and otherwise.  Not too long ago I got a call from one of them.  My friend was uber-stressed out about some issues at home and wanted to vent (married 10ish years, I think, I can never remember […]
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First, a little Twitter lesson: People use hashtags to spread and organize information on Twitter.  For everything you ever needed to know about this topic click here. On Twitter there is an ever-present list of trending topics.  Those are the words (denoted by hashtags) that are being used most often in the twitter community.  People […]
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In Love and Other Mysteries

I was thinking of a post I wanted to write about love and being in love (I’ve been watching WAY too much tv this week, it’s turning my brain soft) so of course I turned to my favorite resource tool – the Urban Dictionary.  Here are a few of the better definitions it gives for […]
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Forgiving and Forgetting

A good friend said the other day, “I don’t think I could ever really get over what M put you through.  Forgive or forget.  You were so uhappy.  I couldn’t get past that.” All through this latest dilemna, people have been asking me, telling me, wondering about my capacity for forgiveness.   Many assume I haven’t […]
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Counting the Times

Sometimes it must seem like I keep these laundry lists of every awful guy I ever dated and every horrible thing they did, to which I keep referring back to.  I don’t mean it to seem like that.  I’m just an unusually reflective person and have a habit (maybe it’s a bad habit) of rethinking […]
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