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It’s My Life

Let’s be honest here, I’m just muddling through this dating and relationship thing.  I try to, in any given situation, do what I think is right.  But sometimes I end up NOT doing what I know are the “right” things (based on what my head is telling me) because my heart is pulling me in […]
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Seriously, hahahaha

The above was a text I sent recently.  It was meant to be derisive in tone, although I don’t know if that came across. Here’s the back story:  I have actually exchanged a couple of emails with M in the last few weeks.  A couple.  They were short and unpleasant and I didn’t think they […]
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Advice Worth Taking

I first read yesterday’s Guy’s Story when it was published on Jackie Summer’s blog, F*cking in Brooklyn.  I’ve been pondering ‘Mama’s Best Advice” ever since. I’d say that, if I had to be honest, the 2 times I’ve been in love, I loved the guy more than he loved me.   It wasn’t something I realized […]
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I Don’t Know What to Call this Post

So, my regular readers have ‘heard’ me mention my fuckbuddy.  He’s someone I’ve known for a few years now.  He’s never been anything but a fuckbuddy.  We met at a time when I wasn’t in the slightest bit interested in a relationship (I was working 60+ hours a week and blah blah blah, I didn’t […]
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In response to a friend’s, “How are you?” earlier in the week, I responded, “Numb”.  I know I meant it at the time.  Completely.  But it’s taken me until today to figure out exactly what I meant by it (I’m slow like that). This is hard for me to write, btw. I knew, with all […]