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Forgettable? Me?

For the second time in as many years, I’ve received an introductory message from a man I’ve already gone out with.  That’s right, these are men I met online, exchanged several messages with, and then went out on a date with. Neither date was fabulous, neither was remarkably bad. Just your typical, waste of time, […]
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No, this isn’t about my date with necking guy last night. I WILL write about that later. Honestly, I’m still figuring out what I think and feel about him. He’s an odd one, alright. In the meantime… I was just just checking my online personals account. I’m lucky enough to work in one of those […]
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Gosh, I’m a Loser

I always say it’s stupid to get your hopes up.  I’ve chastised friends for getting excited about first dates with people they’ve met online.  I mean, the chances of the person being even half as cool in person as they seem online (and/or over the phone) are just so slim. But here I am, completely […]
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Online Dating Survival – Lesson #1

It’s not about you.  No, I’m not about to go off on some pseudo-religious tangent. When you’re online dating, you always have to remember that whatever happens, it’s not about you. If you wink at someone and they don’t acknowledge it – it’s not about you. If you send someone a message and they don’t […]