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Update B4 Bed

Just got in from my date. I wish I could say I wasn’t disappointed (I should know better than to have hopes..)but I am. The guy’s got a lot of good qualities but he’s not ready, yet. There were red flags going up all over the place, stuff I guess I could’ve learned if I […]
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Wow – What a Line

One of the things my online personals site asks is for members to list 5 things they can’t live without. As you can imagine, people come up with all kinds of answers. I’ve read at least a dozen guys who listed water, air, food, shelter and then a few dozen others who list their friends, […]
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Online Dating Etiquette

First, a bit of catch up.  I am woefully sick right now.  I’ve been struck down by an early autumn cold.  It’s been going around my office and it’s my turn.  I’m a coughing, sneezing mess.  I had to cancel/reschedule my date with Downtown Guy plus a couple of first dates I was supposed to […]
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So last night I got a call from this guy I’ve been flirting with via email. We first met online a few weeks ago and I have to admit that, despite myself, I was developing a little crush on him. He’s not the most attractive man I’ve met this year (or even this month) and […]
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A Quick Rant Before Lunch

I’ve had to take a short time away from actual dating.  I’m out of town tending to some urgent family business.  In the meantime, I’ve been reflecting a bit on the game of online dating. Here’s my new pet peeve –  OLD PICS.  I know, this has come up before in prior posts.  When I […]
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