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Better Safe than Sorry

A few years ago I had something pretty scary happen.  I went out with some guy I met online (a few times, maybe 2 or 3) and I decided I didn’t want to see him anymore.  The next time he called me for a date I told him that I wasn’t interested in seeing him […]

Red Flags (not in a good way)

Let’s be honest, so much of online dating is about figuring out who you don’t want to meet.  Looking for the little red flags that say, this guy might seem attractive, smart, imaginative and all that good stuff but something just isn’t right.  Avoid him.  If you consistently miss those red flags then you end […]
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You’ve Got Mail vs. Add to Cart

I’ve written before about online dating.  For those of you who are new to this blog, I’m a fan.  I don’t have universally wonderful things to say about online dating.  Not all of my experiences with it have been good.  No, I like online dating despite the fact that most of the guys (women, too) […]
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Something Else I Need to Learn

I hate nosy people. HATE them. I hate it when people butt their noses into my business. I hate it when family members invite themselves into my personal life and ask me about things that I feel they have no right to know. I hate it when co-workers ask me about my family and upbringing, […]
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I REALLY Hate the Phone Thing

I know I’ve mentioned this before, more than once, but I need to vent. I REALLY hate the phone thing. I do not like to talk with guys I’ve never met on the phone. I realize that this is a normal part of the screening process for a lot of online daters. They exchange messages, […]
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