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Guaranteed Failure

OK, I don’t like doing stuff like this.  It’s not really my thing.  But I can’t help myself.  I’m online now, in another window, trying to get through my Plenty of Fish inbox and WTF?  I cannot believe that these guys think that they’re trying.  The messages that I’m getting (not all of them. but […]
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Let the Games Begin (More Online Dating)

I registered with Plenty of Fish last night.  Now that’s a different site. I don’t dislike it.  Not yet. There are just SO many men registered there, I find it hard to believe there’s no one there for me. And in fact, I did a little browsing and favorited 3 guys (out of the several […]
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A Picture is Worth…

A friend sent me a picture of myself, dancing with dear mutual friend of ours, from a long ago party.  It was so thoughtful of her, as it brought back such sweet memories.  But my first reaction was to cringe.  I look dreadful.  Beyond dreadful.  Hideous.  I almost always do in photographs.  I’m really unphotogenic. I […]

The Quickest Way to My Heart

I love food. It’s pathetic how much I love food. I always tell guys this up front.  Every online dating profile I’ve ever written mentions my love of food.  And the last time I met a guy out in the live world, just out and about, it was on line at one of my favorite […]
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Location, Location, Location

So there was this one guy who I actually found more than just a little bit interesting/attractive on  He definitely stood out from the rest of the crowd.  But of course there was one thing tragically wrong with him.  He lives in the suburbs, about an hour away from the city by train. Still, I […]