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Online Dating Update – A Quickie

It’s been a while since I’ve mentioned this and so I figured it was time. I was wrong in my initial assessment of OKCupid (when I said there were no decent guys on there for me).  Totally wrong. It’s been a few weeks now and I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the guys I’ve met on […]
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7 Things Girls Need to Know About Picking An Online Dating Profile Picture

As I mentioned last week, I have (many, many) years experience as an online dater.  And so what I’m telling you I’ve learned from my personal experience. No man is going to read your profile unless he thinks you’re hot.  Not even if you have a supercool user name and a great headline.  It’s just […]

Online Dating is Easy (really, it is)

Alright guys, lets get this out of the way:  Online dating is easy.  If you’ve tried it and didn’t get any dates, it’s because you were doing it wrong.  I repeat, if you’ve tried online dating and couldn’t get any women to go out with you, it’s because you were doing it wrong. Let me […]

Some Things Are Worth Repeating – Be Safe

I know that only a small percentage of my readers read the comment threads (hey, it’s your loss, sometimes the comments are the best part of the post).  Well, I take my comments very seriously, try to respond appropriately and even take people’s advice when I think it’s appropriate (some of the changes I’ve made […]
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The Sound of Ugly

I meet the vast majority of the men I date on online dating sites. And unlike many of my fellow online daters, I don’t always talk with guys on the phone before making plans to meet them in person.  There are a couple of reasons for this.  First, I just don’t think you can learn […]
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