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Some People Know How to Listen

So the other day I received an email from Lucky Girl. She’d been man-shopping for me again, and included the links to profiles for 4 different guys that she thought I might like. I didn’t have to click the links for 3 of them. I recognized the profile names. One was a guy I actually dated […]
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No Limits

So the other day I mentioned a man I’d exchanged a few messages with online. He lives in Europe and says he comes to New York all of the time for work. He wanted to meet me. I told him thanks but no thanks. He seemed interesting (smart, funny, handsome, all the good stuff) but […]

Quick Dispatch from Online Dating Land

A few weird things I’ve been musing about this afternoon (as I try to convince myself that it’s not too cold to go outside and run my long list of errands): A guy sends me a message a few days ago. He says that he knows that I wouldn’t be interested in him (and then […]
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The Game Is On

So we’re now a few days into our little matchmaking game/experiment and I think that both Lucky Girl and I are starting to feel it. It’s a very different thing, looking for a guy a friend might like vs. looking for a guy for yourself. For starters, I find I have higher standards for her […]
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A New Dating Game

Sorry, I’m so over the best ofs, the reflections, the looking forward – this is just a straight forward post. Yeah, I know it’s 1/1/10 and I just don’t care. As I hinted at yesterday, Lucky Girl and I are going to be trying something new.  As she and I use several of the same online […]
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