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A Post-Thanksgiving Post

I didn’t spend Thanksgiving with my family this year.  Instead I chose to spend the day with friends.  We had a pretty traditional Thanksgiving meal and a wonderful and relaxing day. But unlike the friends I celebrated with, my family isn’t far away.  They’re local.  Less than an hour away, Well, I say “they” but […]
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The Phone Rang

My phone has been acting weird for a while.  Freezing and stalling and yesterday it seemed to go completely bonkers (I should be more specific – my iphone.  I’m going to head over to the Apple store sometime tonight to see if they can figure out what’s wrong with it.)  I was wrestling with it […]
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Top 5 Reasons Why Every Single Girl NEEDs A Bunch of Guy Friends (the Type Who Like Boobs)

Remember When Harry Met Sally? No, not the scene at Katz’s (which, btw, is not as good as it used to be).  The bit about men and women not being able to be friends.  It made for great movie dialogue, but lucky for me, I’ve always known it’s a load of crap. How do I […]

I’m Being A Jerk

A friend of mine is getting married next month.  A good friend. And I still haven’t RSVP’d to the wedding.  The RSVP by date was days ago. Let’s face it, I’m being a rude jerk. I adore this friend.  I helped her pick out her wedding dress.  I’m really, really happy for her. I’m not […]
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