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Don’t Say Hello

Before I begin today’s topic, just a quick mention that this is another Insomniac Club post. You can follow along in real time via twitter using the #insomniaclub hashtag. Don’t Say Hello There are things I wish I could say to men on the first date. Before the first date. Telepathically as they first lay eyes on me. […]

Making the Extra Effort

I grew up with a whole bunch of aunts and uncles who weren’t actual blood relatives. The aunts were all my mom’s childhood friends, and they stayed close throughout their whole lives. I’ve never had a group of friends like that. Never for any long period of time. And, for the most part, this isn’t […]

A Slip of the Tongue

I had two good friends over for dinner last night (How Very Lucky and Jack from Brooklyn) and we were talking about, well, everything. Life, love, music, work, family, politics… you name it we talked about it.  At some point, as a tangent to what we were talking about, I told a story about a […]

Me and My Little Black Dress

As my regular readers know, I was sick for all of October (and part of September). And then I moved a few weeks ago.  So, suffice it to say, I haven’t been “out there”. No dating, no parties, no social life.  I really haven’t had the physical ability to. Last night was the first time, […]

It is Kinda Funny…

Two and 1/2 weeks in and I can safely say that my relationship with my new apartment may just be my most fucked up relationship ever. I had a little meltdown on Friday.  BTW, I really do appreciate the kind notes, tweets, etc.  Please understand that when I close the comments, it’s about my need […]