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Music for a Sunny Saturday

I’ve been out running errands and it’s just so goddamn nice in NYC today.  It’s sunny and breezy and not freakishly warm but not cold either.  Just right for March.  Anyway, I’m still supposed to be out there running errands (still have a few things on my to do list). I just stopped home for […]
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A Song For Lazy Sunday Morning

I was listening to a rather serious podcast about our economic crisis and someone said something that made me think of this ancient song. It’s Lloyd Cole & the Commotions singing Are You Ready to be Heartbroken? (this video is from way back in 1985, OMG). In answer to the question, yes.  I think I […]
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More Interesting

I was supposed to have a date last night.  I had to cancel/rechedule because I was sick.  The guy is someone I’d been flirting pretty heavily with via email before I hid my profile and as soon as I reposted he saw it and contacted me.  More importantly for today’s topic, I initiated first contact […]

Haven’t Been Able to Get This Out of My Head

Today’s Song of the Days is Levi Stubb’s Tears by Billy Bragg.  I’ve been hearing this in my head since I read the NYTimes annual, The Lives They Lived last weekend.  Kind of typical of me to be thinking of this and not the actual Motown songs (especially since I love Motown).  My brain needs […]
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The New Year

I’m not going to do resolutions.  What would be the point?  Most of the things that are causing me stress are completely beyond my control.  All I can really do is keep going.  Keep trying. Keep being as honest and sincere and open and I can be and hope that someday all of my hard […]