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I Wasn’t Even That Upset About the Pizza

Last night’s date was a bust.  A total bust.  But wait, I’m getting ahead of myself. I started my night out partying with Lostplum(more fun with the folks at Thrillist).  The party was fun, although we attracted the unwanted attention of a rather strange gentleman who proceeded to follow us around for the rest of […]
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Oh and btw

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Damn, It’s Nice Out

It is just SO nice out right now that I felt inspired by it to share some of my sunshine joy.  I wanted to put up a video of the song New York City Sunshine by Lloyd Cole but I couldn’t find one (just a clip of him singing part of the song in concert […]
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Who Knows?

I think I have a date tonight.  A first date.  I think.  This guy asked me out last week.  He’d originally asked me out for last Friday but I was busy.  So he suggested tonight and I said yes. We left the details open.  He said he’d be in touch. Guess what?  I haven’t heard […]
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Random Thoughts on a Saturday Morning + a Song

I’m a pretty open person (the real me – not the blog me).  When I’m communicating with a new guy online, I always tell him, “ask me anything”.  As far as I’m concerned, there really are no topics in my life that are off limits (although, there are some that are unpleasant and others that […]
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