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Another Week…

I wasn’t around much last week. Not online and not IRL. I was down in Miami for a conference for the second half of the week and that kept me super-busy. So, needless to say, I’m days behind on comments (and lots of other things). Sorry about that. I want to draw your attention to a […]

Cheer Me the F*ck Up

As my facebook friends and twitter followers will tell you, I have coping issues. I eat when I’m stressed. Chocolate, potato chips and gummy candy all washed down with Dr. Pepper. Self-destructive binging. There are worse habits. Anyway, I was more than a little upset this weekend and rather than hit the corner bodega for […]

Bring on the New

Happy New Year kids. I’ve got lots of fun things planned for the new year (including 2 dates in the next 72 hrs). I wanted to start the year with something new on the blog, because y’know, sometimes I get bored with the status quo. And if I’m bored, I assume you’re bored, too. So, […]

My Gift to You – Best Breakup Songs (Finally!)

Happy Belated Chrismukkah. Does anyone remember waaay back in February when I had that, “Valentine’s Day is OVER” Giveaway contest and everyone wrote in with their favorite breakup song(s)? Yeah, I didn’t think so. Well, I promised to create a playlist with everyone’s fabulous contest entries. It’s 10 months late, but I finally got around […]

That Teenage Feeling

Not a real post today. Doing the whole holiday weekend/day off thing. I was riding the train home from Thanksgiving dinner last night and this song came on. It’s been a long-time fave. For whatever reason, I decided I wanted to share. Tags: holidays, song
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