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The 4 Things I Miss Most About Having a Regular Guy In My Life

I was lying in bed last night, alone.  Thinking about how much I hate lying in bed alone.  And thinking about how much I miss having a guy in my life.  Which is different than being lonely, btw. I can be lonely AND have a guy in my life.  And I can miss having a […]


On Fridays I usually almost always frequently do list posts.  You know, 7 Reasons I Like... or 5 Things Men Should Do….  I do them because they tend to be popular. Today’s list(s) are going to be of an entirely different type.  Probably not as popular. First, an update, it’s been about 48 hours since […]
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6 Quick Pick-Me-Ups for the Glum Gal

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right?  Well, my good friend Tom Miller aka Tomfoolery wrote a post the other day called 6 Quick Pick-Me-Ups for the Glum Guy and I’ve decided to flatter him in the sincerest way possible. His 6 things were all non-sexual, btw, and so I’m going to […]
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Don’t Be Cruel

Cruel:  disposed to inflict pain or suffering; devoid of humane feelings The cruelest thing a man can do to a woman is to portray her as perfection. D. H. Lawrence The other day, the guys at VSB did a post on the 4 cruelest things that women do to men.  As usual, for them, it […]
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I like the number 5.  Always have.  And so I tend to group things in 5, make lists of 5 things (when appropriate), even organize things by 5. It occured to me a while ago that it’d be a smart idea to go through my archives and select some of my better old posts for […]
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