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Sharing is Caring – The Insomnia Club Strikes Again

The insomnia club posted again, earlier this week. I wrote something. But it was pretty much the crankiest, most foul tempered thing I’ve written in ages. For some (smart) reason I decided to sit on it and not hit publish. When I woke up the next morning I thought HOLY SHIT, I really don’t want […]


Attraction is a funny thing. Well, funny might be the wrong word here. But I’m trying to curse less. I’m just constantly amused and amazed by human attraction. It’s WEIRD. Really fucking weird. OK, so much for cursing less. So here’s a little story about attraction (sloppy segue, sorry, I’m tired). I was out one […]


One of things I hated about my old apartment was that one of my bedroom windows was approximately 5 feet from the window of my nearest neighbor. That meant that I pretty much always had to have the curtains closed. Except for when I didn’t. And then my neighbor saw me (and anyone else who […]

Smart Women Agree – Your Number Doesn’t Matter

Yeah, yeah, yeah – you are so sick of me on this topic already. I know. I’m sick of me on this topic already. What the hell am I talking about? Magic numbers. You know, the number of men you’ve slept with.  I’ve written about this several times. Most recently here. And as my regular readers might […]

Vaginas Got Its Issues

The title of today’s post is a quote from comedian Carol Leifer, said during the WTF podcast (one of my faves, yes I have lots of favorite podcasts). She’s a hysterically funny and accomplished woman. And, like many women of her generation, she started out having relationships with men (including a marriage) and then ‘switched teams.’ […]