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I was asked recently, “Hey [RealName], what’s with the name of your blog? Why is it Sex, Lies and Dating in the City”? There were a few ways I could’ve answered. Two of the most memorable shows/movies with ‘sex’ in the title were Sex, Lies and Videotape and Sex and The City and I just […]

More Dealbreakers, While We’re On the Topic

I met a good friend for dinner tonight and, as always, we found ourselves talking about my love life, or lack thereof. Actually there’s been a serious lack of love for a while now, lots of dates, no love. She’s half of a couple, so she’s good about listening and sympathizing, but like most of […]

Premature Booty Call

So last night I was lying in bed, reading.  I’m not ashamed to say I was home reading on a Saturday night.  Sometimes I need a break from dating, especially when I’ve been doing a lot of it lately and it doesn’t seem to be getting me anywhere.  Anyway, I was home reading when my […]

Ghosts Around Every Corner

Recently, I started a new job and it’s landed me in a part of town that I don’t usually set foot in. I’m way over on the east side of midtown, near the UN, which is a pleasant enough place to work. On my first day I decided to have lunch outside in Dag Hammarskjöld […]
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For years I’ve had friends begging me to do this. I date more than most people, and I’m a writer.  Before blogging was the big thing they’d say I should I write a book about my experiences with dating.  I was always a bit put off by the thought of it, though.  It takes an […]