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No Resolution

We tell ourselves stories in order to live. Joan Didion, the first line of The White Album (best first line ever) We all do it. Tell ourselves stories. It’s how we make sense of the everyday monotony of our lives. The thousands of emails, the meaningless conversations and the nonstop internal dialogue asking, “Is this […]

A Better Life = The Greatest Gift

So I have a couple short stories for you, one of which is holiday-ish. And they both are kinda related to one another. Please bear with me. 1) One of the few things I like about the holidays is that it gives us all an excuse to reconnect with people we don’t speak to nearly […]

Happy Merry Christmukkah

I was taking another one of my lil hiatuses but I popped back in because I just HAD to share this.  They claim it’s from 1991 but it seems so much older. Like from another century. Happy merry Christmukkah and enjoy! via The Awl No tags for this post.

Quick Thoughts on “Good on Paper”

Good on paper. It’s a phrase I’ve used dozens of times. And I’ve always assumed that you all know what I mean. It’s just one of those things. But let’s parse it for a quick second. Good on paper means if you were to make a list of this person’s attributes s/he would look impressive. […]

Great Guy, But a Cheating Liar

So, I’ve been sitting on this story for a long while. I didn’t want it to turn into a guessing game. Anyway… I met this guy. Not online. It was almost old-fashioned. He was a friend of a friend or something like that. Someone I was excited about meeting, at first. He was smart and […]