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A Little Self Promotion (Just a Little)

Wow, thank you all for the amazing comments on yesterday’s posts. My inbox has been filling up all morning/afternoon. I’ll get around to answering your comments sometime later today (just as soon as I can – promise). I just wanted to take a minute for some shameless self promotion. Please take a minute, if you […]

December 1st is World AIDS Day

I could sit here and write my own post about how important it is to recognize this day. I write openly about the fact that I am sexually active, and so therefore this is an issue that affects me. However, I just read a great post over on 20/ on this topic, and so I […]
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Dear Santa

I am so not into the holidays. Not Thanksgiving or Xmas/Hanukkah (same difference). And I’m perfectly happy to forgo all of the traditions that go with them, including the gifts exchange. It’s just all so forced. So needless to say I didn’t rush out to shop the Black Friday sales. I’d rather walk on broken […]

Gobble Gobble – HNT

I figured what better way to say thank you again (for my readers who happen to be interested in the female body, that is) than to participate in one of the newer Thanksgiving traditions – HNT. Hey, it’s Thursday. Check back tomorrow for a real post. Tags: half naked pics, thank you, thanksgiving
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Some More About Me

People make all kinds of assumptions about one another out here in cyberspace. I’m pretty new to it all, and I find it all kind of bizarre and frightening. I just started this blog a few months ago. Prior to that, I was aware of personal blogs and had read a few that friends kept, […]
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