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Quick (Probably silly) Thought

LisaQ from 20/40 recently mentioned in the comments (it came up in relation to my telling Mr. Potential about it) that she told a man she’d met online about her blog, before they met.  He checked it out and was very encouraging and thoughtful and perhaps even more excited about meeting her after reading her […]
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The New Year

I’m not going to do resolutions.  What would be the point?  Most of the things that are causing me stress are completely beyond my control.  All I can really do is keep going.  Keep trying. Keep being as honest and sincere and open and I can be and hope that someday all of my hard […]

Gloomy Monday

I love to read.  I think I’ve mentioned several times that I’d rather stay home and read than be on a date with someone I don’t like a lot. So why am I mentioning this now?  2 reasons: 1) To reiterate that I don’t actually enjoy dating.  In fact, I dislike it intensely. I’ve stated this many […]
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All I Wanted 4 Xmas

I wrote this post about a month ago, right around the time when everyone was trying to digest their Thanksgiving dinners.  I thought it might be interesting to dig it up and repost. Dear Santa Nov27 I am so not into the holidays. Not Thanksgiving or Xmas/Hanukkah (same difference). And I’m perfectly happy to forgo […]
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Damn, I Almost Forgot It Was Thursday (and hence, HNT)

Thank you to everyone who helped to cheer me up this week. Tags: half naked pics
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