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Thank You All

Thank you to everyone for sharing your kind thoughts, well wishes and personal stories – both here and on Twitter.  I was truly touched by it all and yes, it did help.  A lot. I was in a dark place yesterday.  Trying not to be.  But I was. I prefer to not spend too much […]
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I was never into comic books.  I was a completely different kind of geek.  One of those teenage girls who listened to punk (it was the 80s – remember, I am old) and read thick french and russian novels (in translation, of course).  But I never got into comic books. So I never sat around […]
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Somewhat Topical

I love  It’s one of my favorite websites.  I don’t often actually send cards from there.  I just like to read them.  They make me smile. I was surfing the net during the less scintillating bits of the inauguration and I found one that said, “This inauguration feels like the first date with a […]
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Let’s Never Speak of This Again

Anais Nin wrote, “Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage”.  She wrote a lot of other awesome things, too. I try to remind myself of that motto, frequently.  And sometimes I take risks that others would consider foolish.  Sometimes I try things just for the sake of trying them, to see if they’ll […]
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So, I seek out interesting men who I might want to communicate with (online – and yes, if I meet someone in the real flesh and blood world I have no issue with just asking him out also – I’ve talked about that).  So what do I mean by interesting? That’s a complicated thing.  It’s […]